Andy Rubin and the Robots

Andy Rubin – “I have a history of making my hobbies into a career. This is the world’s greatest job. Being an engineer and a tinkerer, you start thinking about what you would want to build for yourself.”

Andy Rubin is one of the key figures behind the advancement of the now ever-prevalent Android OS. With that accomplishment added to his repertoire, it appeared well and good for Rubin to simply ride off into the nightfall and invest whatever remains of his energy concentrated on his private advantages.  But, no.  He remains exceptionally busy as demonstrated by his most recent association with Google.

Starting now, genuinely little is thought of the venture and its course other than it’s been said to be in regards to the advancement of robots. Surely, a science fiction dream if there was one for Rubin. As Google is known to do, be that as it may, the venture has been covered in mystery and we’ll all simply need to hold up as new subtle elements proceed to develop and possibly a beta test or two appears. For the time being, the main thing known is that Andy Rubin seems to pioneer more than only one sort of Android.

Android cell phones rise, alongside Windows telephones turning out to be more well known

Google’s Android has risen as the transcendent programming of cell phones for some clients the whole way across the world, supposedly being the one utilized on 4 of each 5 cell phones, while Microsoft’s Windows telephone exhibited solid additions, as indicated by a late study.

Android’s pieces of the pie took off as far as possible up to 81%, augmenting a lead that was at that point really noteworthy from a year back that was supposedly at 74.9%.

Another improvement in the market is the expanding frame of the Windows telephone as it deals swelled by more than 156 percent, while Blackberry saw its agitated figures endure a significantly more prominent hit with the numbers diving from a piece of the pie of 4.1% to 1.7%.

Android and Windows are showing stability in the market up to this point, and in a cell phone showcase that as of now developed by 39.9%, that means sound benefits.