The human experience is incredibly unique. Over the course of any random individual’s life, there will be events that define it, objects that symbolize, and people that shape it. The one element that serves to truly differentiate humans from all other forms of life forms is their inherent need to become part of something bigger, to become a part of society.

Life can be framed perfectly within the context of society. Fair or not, determining whether or not an individual can be deemed successful is often done through the prism of what they’ve accomplished within the fabric of society. People reside within society, and even those that seek to grow apart from it are still members of it no matter how much they struggle. Instead of becoming members of society, they come to be defined as the outcasts of society. Yet again however, they are defined exactly by the fact that they no longer belong within the confines of an organized society. All of these realities serve to ask of an admission of sorts from people. Since their place in society will always be relevant, people must then recognize the fact that their worth will always be largely dependent upon how they impact the society they are in.

Self-improvement seems to be such a vague concept, especially when people likely have different ways to measure their own worth. However, if people are willing to admit that they all have a place within society, then improvement itself can at the very least obtain its own baseline definition.

My ideas are meant to allude to the fact that there is indeed a role for everyone within society. He believes that though there will always be an individual aspect to life, it will also be quite foolish to ignore that it still resides within a society. Self-improvement then does not only mean that an individual is getting better for his or her own sake. Instead, it means that an improving individual is also serving to improve society.

There is a communal aspect to the term improvement, and people need to become more cognizant of that fact. People do not live in aw world wherein their actions can only affect themselves, for there is always at least one person that is nearby. Once people begin to realize that they are part of a whole instead of jutst being an individual, then they can begin to appreciate the true merits of self-improvement. They can begin to understand that the improvement of society is also theirs to enjoy, just as their own triumph is something everyone can share in.

The only thing left now is to actually improve. Improvement is a constant process, and it can also be done through so many ways. People can simply live their lives, and find that just doing so is also helping them improve. Every moment presents an opportunity for improvement, and when projected over a society that translates to significant improvement for a significant amount of people, at least that is what I believe.